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Conspiracy Unit: Does Glenn Beck Dye His Hair?

Posted in Fox News/Glenn Beck Suicide Watch by billmeradeia on December 1, 2009

Conclusion:  Difficult to judge, as Beck is in fact a mutant shape shifting lizard.

I’ve decided to let the viewer be the judge of this.  Here is a picture of Glenn Beck a year ago, when he worked on CNN:

Not pretty, I know.  But notice the color of his hair and left (stage left) eyebrow, when he was recovering from surgery










This is several months later:

Lithium Dibromide









Almost entirely grey.  Then the trend reverses once more:

And they're good with fruit, too















Back to a healthy golden orange.  This next photo is more recent, when he began to let his beautiful hair grow wild:

It's just the glare from the American flag draped over his shoulders


















And of course there was the disastrous month he tried for an Anderson Cooper:

We all know how that ended















This one is from a camera I implanted in the mirror in Beck’s bathroom.  It really made me take stock of my life:

Number one news show on television, man

This Conspiracy is too close to call.  It’s possible that Glenn Beck’s hair is some sort of emotion bracelet for America, that displays a glorious orange when the nation is safe and a wolf-like snowy white when tyranny looms.


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