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Bill Meradeia at Salon

Boston Common Tea Party April 14th 2010:

At least he's not lying


Moved to Salon Blogs

Posted in Uncategorized by billmeradeia on March 13, 2010

Unfortunately, Fawkes News has decided to move this site to a move high traffic spot, on the Salon website’s open blogs.  Plus the increased feedback is making me way more radical.  Find it here at

Obama, Fascism and the New World Order

Posted in Uncategorized by billmeradeia on March 4, 2010

See, my problem with supporting Obama is that I honestly believed Bush was illegally using the military to extend the government’s control within the country itself.  Then, in 2006, Bush signed a treaty (that Congress never ratified) selling the American economy to a cabal of banking, finance and defense interests.  I basically gave up at the point, because it seemed like the international security state was a done deal.  I never really felt excited about the Obama candidacy, since it seemed like the office of the President was little more than a front for the Military-Industrial Complex.  The three largest campaign donors to both sides are defense, oil and international finance.  If we are ever to have a legitimate democracy in this country, we need to nationalize the fed and institute public financing of elections, which neither the Democrats nor the Republicans really want.  But is any of this Obama’s fault?

The two party system is a complete fraud.  Most Americans would agree that Jimmy Carter and Richard Nixon are the two most diametrically opposed presidents of modern times.  One was a naïve, innocent liberal, while the other was a criminal Imperialistic conservative swept out of power for his corruption.  But this is not a complete truth:  The Watergate committees were a sham.  The Senate cancelled the entire third part of the hearings, which would have dealt with campaign financing and international banking donations.  Those hearings would have destroyed the American political parties.  A small break-in was meaningless, compared with Henry Kissinger’sillegal bombing wars in Indo-China.  More bombs were dropped on Laos and Cambodia than in every theatre of WWII.  Out of every crooked agent and fixer in the Nixon administration, only two names survived.  One is now a correspondent for Fox News and the other, Henry Kissinger, worked for the Bushes and gave Obama his first job out of college.  Kissinger is one of the main leaders in the shadowy Bilderberg group, which the conservative John Birch Society has called an attempt to form a New World Order.  But Carter was better, right?  Actually, Nixon’s job was simply to expand America’s military machine and the war in Vietnam.  He got in trouble for trying to take over the Federal Government.  That was a job for later presidents.

And then we got Carter.  He repaired the American government by filling every cabinet post and important appointment with members of theTrilateral Commission, which is essentially another wing of the Bilderberg group and another proponent of the Military-Industrial Complex.  As a reward for his War Crimes Kissinger was allowed to continue leading the country in secret, and the American political system was saved from actual reform following Watergate.  The real danger had emerged during the Kennedyadministration, although Eisenhower saw the potential years earlier. Eisenhower’s final speech to America warned he had been misled by a small group of oligarchs, which he termed the “Military-Industrial Complex”.  Did you not know that phrase was coined by a president?  Starting with LBJ, the American government was a front for the oligarchs who use corporate donations to fund specific, chosen candidates. Bush’s presidency made this fact unavoidably obvious, and it became clear to the ruling elites that a change was necessary.

And remember, I never believed that Obama was really going to change American politics.  I like and support him personally, but that’s not the same thing.  Many of his policies are a continuation or extension of Bush abominations.  The Military-Industrial-Financial Complex is so complete and integrated into the USA that to remove it now would cause a complete economic collapse far worse than the Financial meltdown.  But we can’t blame Obama for this.  By 2008, the system was so ingrained that he had to appear before the Bilderberg group in June (With Hillary Clinton) to ask permission to be elected president.  So I know the history, and know that the conspiracy is no conspiracy at all.  These people meet several times a year, at the Council on Foreign Relations and the G-20, and this group of informal roundtable discussions set the worldwide agenda.  The control network, made of international companies that all have websites, is known to us all.  Halliburton, Bechtel, Goldman Sachs, Raytheon, and the remains of newly-debt freeLehmann Brothers, now called L-3. The problem is not a worldwide Jewish-Madoff conspiracies, or a black socialist president.   These areillusions that distract and divide the public.  Corporations do no care about race, religion, conservative, or liberal.  Money is just the way to keep score. The real goal is pure, unadulterated global power.

So now we get to Obama.  Like I said, I really want to support him.  I want him to take down the oligarchichal elite, punish Wall Street and limit the defense contractors.  He has done the opposite.  However, the conservatives are not fighting against the corporate security state, the real enemy.  Instead, activists on the right attack Health Care and the use of civilian courts to try terrorists. The Health Care debate is a separate matter, but I’m pretty amazed by the course conservatives are setting on national security.  Obama’s critics charge that he is weakening America by allowing opponents of the state to avoid amilitary tribunal.  Let’s unpack this position, if we can.  First, the Bush administration only used army courts three times, and two of those defendants are now free.  Many more terrorists were tried in civilian courts, something like 70 or 80.  The constitution is clear on this matter.  All men are created equal by God, and all men are entitled to the same rights.  Military tribunals are incredibly illegal.  In setting up these courts, Bush suspended Habeus Corpus and hundred of years of legal precedents, eliminated the Fourth Amendment, and created a way to hold American citizens in jail for years without trial or evidence.  This is the main tool of Dictatorships worldwide, and probably represents the greatest danger to the population at large.  We literally have no rights anymore.  Free Speech is locked in a cage outside the Republican National Convention.  In my hometown, Boston, the police can arrest a person who tapes them with a cell phone.  If your video format records audio, the police can arrest you under a wiretapping technicality.  My point is that if you want to fight the corporate interests and defense contractors that control politics in America, give up.  The change of power took place in 1947, when the National Security Act was passed.  If you want to blame Obama’s health care bill for the rise of a New World Order, get real.  The important changes came during the Bush administration, and now the Military-Industrial Complex is just wrapping up a few loose ends.

Obama and the Constitution

Posted in Uncategorized by billmeradeia on March 1, 2010

Wow.  I already knew the Media was no longer responsible for providing facts or accurate interpretations, but the fact that Biden had to set the record straight was still shocking.  If the American people knew that 2 of the 3 terrorists tried in military courts were free, compared to the 80 or so tried in civilian courts, then they would probably support Obama.  Of course, it is no longer the media’s job to bring that type of information to the public.

Sarah Palin’s Hand Job

Posted in Conservative Insanity by billmeradeia on February 8, 2010

Apparently Sarah Palin’s speech to the Tea Party convention was written on her hand.   This wouldn’t be that bad, except that during the address Palin mocked Obama as the teleprompter guy.  Here is a picture, first placed on the blogosphere moments after the convention ended:

That’s pretty lame.  If she were in high school, it would be considered cheating.  But the really sad thing came the day after the election, when a reputable news source used their hi-def cameras to look at one of Palin’s manic hand gestures:

I can’t be entirely sure, but from top to bottom her crib notes appear to read


Budget [Crossed Out] Cut


Lift American Spirits

These are pretty pathetic cheat notes.  If Sarah still can’t remember a list of five bullet points, then maybe she still isn’t ready to go public.

Tea Partiers

Posted in Uncategorized by billmeradeia on February 7, 2010

I’ve been wanting to write about the Tea Party Movement for a while.  I know a lot about the original Tea Party, and how the night was planned two weeks in advance by a cabal of opposition political leaders.  The modern Patriots are no different.  Here’s a delicious quote I found on CNN:

“Mark Meckler and Jenny Beth Martin, founders of the Tea Party Patriots, say they are proud of what the movement has accomplished, but they are frustrated that other Tea Party groups are being run by Republican political consultants forking over lots of cash for recruitment.

The Tea Party Express, a conservative bus tour that crisscrossed the country last year, was run from inside a Republican political consulting firm.”

Nice, right?  And now I’m reading stories that the Tea Partiers are starting to worry that the GOP might be taking over their independent movement.  This is the sort of disconnect from reality that these people are working with.  Have you ever wondered how the Tea Party spread so quickly?   The former Senator, Dick Armey, started a political action group called Freedomworks.  This PAC is one of the foremost proponents of the Tea Party movement.  Freedomworks is funded by groups like Phillip Morris Cigarettes, Kraft Foods, Verizon, and AT&T.  In other words, all the companies that are interested in the health and well-being of the American people.  Dick Armey himself is a former corporate lobbyist for the Pharma-giant Bristol Myers Squib and Freedomworks makes a substantial amount from various insurance deals, but of course this has nothing to do with the Tea Party movement’s opposition to medical reform.  Nothing at all.

Obama’s Debt

Posted in President Barack Obama's Policies by billmeradeia on January 30, 2010

Right after the State of the Union address, Obama tried to push through a bill to cap the government debt and prevent further spending.  This was supposed to appease the Republicans, who uniformly voted against the Amendment.  Perhaps they thought resisting the President would ensure his failure, even if he was trying to create a bipartisan atmosphere.  Or maybe the Repubs were afraid Obama was stealing the Tea Party’s Thunder.  But this just brings up the question of debt.  The GOP has a particular skill for running up huge bills and blaming Democrats for them.  Reagan tripled the national debt with unsupported spending, and yet we still remember him as the President who cut the size of government.   Only the Democrats (Clinton) can claim they balanced the budget at any point in the last half-century.   The rest is unsupported spending.

And now the Republicans are screaming about the $11 trillion dollars in national debt caused by Obama.  In truth, Bush left office after having increased the debt to five trillion dollars.  And that’s not all.  Since we’re talking about debt, it means money borrowed without any way of paying it back.  So the Bush era spending has another three billion dollars of debts which will come due over the next four years, essentially saddling Obama with the loss.  America has barely paid a single cent for either of our wars in the Middle East, which will keep adding up during the Obama presidency.  So of our $11 trillion of debt, $8 trillion was from from the Bush years and another trillion arose from the necessary functions of government.  So yes, Obama has caused two trillion dollars of the national debt, by continuing several Bush policies.  But despite claims to the contrary, the Health Care Bill would have actually lowered our national debt.  But since when has truth or decency mattered to the radical right?

Obama’s Low Polls

Posted in Fox News/Glenn Beck Suicide Watch by billmeradeia on January 29, 2010

Bill O’Reilly: The conservative media is winning, now. They’re winning. They’re damaging the president of the United States.

What happened to the liberal media, Bill?

I think I’ve figured out why Obama’s poll numbers are so low.  In a recent poll, almost 50% of Americans said they think Fox News is the most reliable and trustworthy source available.  Read it here.  Seeing as every single commentator opposes Obama and his policies, I suppose it makes sense that half of this country thinks our President is a socialist fascist.  Interestingly, 37% of respondents responded that they distrust Fox News, the highest amount of any cable news network.  So 5 in 10 trust Fox, and 4 in 10 actually know the definition of words like journalism, unbiased, and non-partisan.  Apparently the other ten percent gets their news from the Onion and The Daily Show, which is still better than Fox:

Biden to the Rescue

Posted in President Barack Obama's Policies by billmeradeia on January 25, 2010

One of the biggest mistakes I thought Obama had made in the first year was failing to criticize Blackwater, TITAN, and the other Private Defense Companies.  Most of the commands to torture prisoners in Abu Ghraib were given by Security Contractors artificially granted military rank by the Bush admin.  But the soldiers who carried out the commands, under threat of court marshall, got twelve years.  Contractors are not governed by US, Iraqi, or international laws, and as such literally cannot be punished for their actions.  Several Blackwater guards were on trial for slaughtering a group of defenseless Arabs in 2007.  Last week, the case was thrown out by an appeals judge.  The entire Arab world was infuriated and no one in America seemed to notice.  Today I saw a small article on the Fox News blog quietly announcing Biden’s best move yet:

Vice President Biden said Saturday during a visit to Iraq that the U.S will appeal a federal court decision dismissing manslaughter charges against five Blackwater security guards involved in a 2007 Baghdad shooting that left 17 dead.

Mr. Biden added that he was disappointed by the judge’s ruling that prosecutors mishandled the case, and that the U.S. would file their appeal next week.

An attorney for one of the Blackwater guards criticized the announcement today in Iraq for being based on politics and not on the law.

I’m sure Fox News is going to put a negative spin on this, but this decision might be the move that puts Obama back on track.  Military contractors are destroying our army from within.  They cost taxpayers billions, provide no benefits over the army, and are not accountable for their actions.  Go on the web and looks for videos made by military contractors in Iraq.  Sometimes they put catchy tunes over the scenes of executing innocent civilians and shooting cars off the road for no reason.  One woman could not sue Blackwater for psychological damages because she had signed what the industry calls a “Rape waiver” in case the men got a little frisky.  Private military contractors need to be held accountable, and I think Obama might be heading in that direction.  At least I hope so.

The Third Seal: A Star Falls

Posted in Apocalyptic Visions by billmeradeia on January 20, 2010

Sarah Palin has agreed to campaign for John McCain in the 2012 elections.  She has returned to the source that created her, and the third seal is broken.  Not even the Spear of Destiny can stop her now.

I originally thought that Sarah Palin would do well at Fox News, since the Network has basically become a support group for failed conservative politicians.  But after a couple days of listening to her talk, I’ve noticed a problem in her plan.  You see, the “Palin” Brand attracted so much attention because she was a political mystery.  The McCampaign shielded her from the media, and America was left to define the candidate on their own.  Consequently, a confusing variety of opinions formed.  The radical right saw a controversy and sided with the person who called herself a Conservative.  Then she abruptly left he post and entered a state of reclusion.  Michael Jackson had not yet died, and the Media needed something to focus on.  America wanted to know why the smallest tweet or facebook quote would attracted national attention.  Her book sold for the same reason as her massive public appearance fees, namely that the public is curious who Sarah Palin really is.  I’ve long suspected she has a personality disorder which prevents her from compositing a rational world-view, but either way Republicans really responded to her message.  Then she interfered with the Scozzafava election in New York and got herself a job as a content analyst with Fox News (Contradiction in terms?).  The problem with all this exposure is that the more she speaks, the more Americans will realize the inherent contradictions in her opinions.  For instance, today Palin called in to Greta Van Sustern’s show to attack Obama for interfering with the Massachusetts elections.  Once more, Palin claimed to know the will of the American people, saying that Brown’s victory represents a microcosm of public opinion.  The voters had spoken, and by rejecting Coakley they were showing that they had lost faith in Liberalism.  In other words, by sending Brown to Washington, Massachusetts was saying that Obama no longer represented America.  Forgetting about the contradiction of a Conservative saying Massachusetts represents the Republican party, Palin is ignoring the fact that the American people rejected her opinions over a year ago.  Fox News is full of this type of cognitive dissonance so the effect won’t be noticed immediately, but by signing this deal the former VP contender has assured her downfall.   I’m just concerned that  Palin will burn out early, and then Obama won’t be elected after she splits the vote in 2012.

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